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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who needs Form 1099-OID

Instructions and Help about Who needs Form 1099-OID

Hello ladies and gentlemen this is Morris Sadiq back once again this video here today I want to teach you how to pay your PSE and G and utility bills with your credit trust account by your legal fiction account yes it's the name in all caps that you may possess that's your legal Nexus a lot of people have attempt to do this many have failed because it's things that they're doing wrong so uh I'm just going to show you how there's the proper way to do it to get your bills such as your PSN G your utility bills cell phone things of that nature water bill how to get them off set off and pay so way to do it it's a correct way to do it but first I wanted to show you this right here this bill which was right here as you can see spill right here it was for 206 24 and as you can see right here where I'm pointing you can see where the credit balance you see right here with a bill after it was paid its a CR CR stands for credit naturally when you look at your psn G bill you'll notice that uh it doesn't say the CR but it'll start saying the CR when you file you know proper necessary paperwork you know uh - PSA and G or any a place that um basically seeing you today bill that is in the legal fiction name right there that was my wife's that I had blocked out at the top but her name is not showing but um again this is the this is the price of the bill the debt bill and you can see right here I filed the documents to the PSE and G and two other places as well you have to send it to your documents your legal documents and you'll see where they set the debt off they credit you you know they credit us for all 206 24 that CR stands for corrected credit now that was the one bill now we're going to drop down to the next bill which is on the same account for a different month this bill right here was 179 62 where I filed the paperwork for both months you see right here where they also sent the bill back to I stating I received a credit CR for 179 62 now ladies and gentlemen most of y'all might think that this is not real but trust and believe it's very real see where it says at the top on the left hand side it's a final bill March 2022 now we're going to go back up to the first bill say March right here that rolled over to the next right here and voice they're gonna invoice the account number right here now I'm going to show you after you oh you discharged this and they credit you on your.


How does a sovereign citizen survive with no social security number, and where do they live with no contact with the government?
My guess is that at least one of the assumptions in this question is incorrect, in that most, if not all, u201csovereign citizensu201d in the U.S. have social security numbers, which were issued when they were born or before they held their first jobs.As concerns the second assumption, u201cno contact with the governmentu201d may be desired, but it is unlikely to be achieved for the long term because, by and large, hard-core u201csovereign citizensu201d are criminals (not merely wackos), thus they will subject to the actions of law enforcement.Quoting portions of 5 common crimes committed by sovereign citizens (emphasis added):Law enforcement must understand the sovereign citizen movement, and be able to identify specific components that make up the movement, in order to protect themselves.In a study conducted by The National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) in 2022. law enforcement agencies identified the sovereign citizen movement as the greatest threat to their communities. To put it in perspective, the same study in 2022 identified Islamic extremists as the greatest threat.WHAT IS A SOVEREIGN CITIZEN?Sovereign citizens believe that federal, state, and local governments operate illegally. Additionally, some sovereign citizens believe federal and state officials have no real authority and will only recognize the local sheriffu2019s department as the only legitimate government official.The actions of sovereign citizens, to u201cfix the systemu201d range from quirky-but-legal to severe crimes. According to the FBI, when sovereign citizens feel their ideals are challenged they can escalate to violence quickly. Since 2022. lone-offender sovereign citizen extremists have killed six law enforcement officers.Law enforcement must understand the sovereign citizen movement and be able to identify indicators to protect themselves from the groupu2019s threatening tactics. Most of these crimes are based on the Redemption Theory.WHAT IS THE REDEMPTION THEORY AND A STRAWMAN BIRTH CERTIFICATE?The Redemption Theory says that when the U.S. dollar was taken off the gold standard, the government started using its citizens as collateral. Sovereign citizens believe that social security numbers, birth certificates, even zip codes are part of a system that assigns a collateral value to every citizen.At the center of the theory is the idea that U.S. citizens have two identities. One identity is a legal entity known as a strawman, created by a birth certificateu2014thus strawman birth certificate. The second identity is you as a physical person. The theory claims that when you reject your strawman identity, your physical person is no longer liable for the strawmanu2019s debts.Sovereign citizens believe a secret bank account exists at the United States Department of the Treasury. They exploit this belief by filing fraudulent financial documents, charging their debt to the Treasury Department and committing additional mortgage, credit card, tax, and loan fraud.Itu2019s common for sovereign citizens to continue their schemes from behind bars and learn new tactics from inmates and spread their ideology within prison walls which make the schemes increasingly clever and difficult to identify.1. Income tax evasionA commonly described u201cbenefitu201d of sovereignty is the nonessential need to pay federal or state taxes. According to the Redemption Theory, a sovereign citizen is not responsible for tax debts because they denounced the identity assigned to them by their so-called strawman birth certificate. Thus, taxes are the responsibility of the strawman and not the sovereign citizenu2026.2. The redemption schemeProponents of this scheme claim that the U.S. government control bank accountsu2014often referred to as u201cU.S. Treasury Direct Accountsu201d u2022 for all U.S. citizens. Sovereign citizens claim these accounts can be accessed by submitting paperwork with state and federal authorities.This scheme predominately uses fraudulent financial documents that appear to be legitimate. These documents are frequently referred to as u201cbills of exchange,u201d u201cpromissory bonds,u201d u201cindemnity bonds,u201d u201coffset bonds,u201d or u201csight drafts.u201d Other official documents frequently used include IRS forms 1099, 1099-OID, and 8300u2026.3. Selling fraudulent documentsSovereign citizens commit financial crimes with the assistance of a wide range of fake documents. They forge financial documents to establish lines of credit, create fake businesses, and more.According to the FBI, sovereign citizens forge and sell driversu2022 licenses, passports, diplomatic identification, vehicle registrations, concealed firearms permits, law enforcement credentials, and insurance forms. In Kansas City, sovereign citizens were convicted of forging diplomatic immunity cards and selling them for up to $2000u2026.4. Financial fraud schemesSovereign citizens commit many types of fraudu2014mail, bank, insurance, mortgage, and wire fraud u2022 and try to justify their actions through their beliefsu2026.5. Intimidation and obstruction of law enforcementSovereign citizens use their fraudulent methods to target officers. They often try to intimidate law enforcement officers and prevent them from fulfilling their duty.Sovereign citizens use counterfeit entities to make themselves appear to be members of the Constitution Rangers, Republic of Texas Rangers, U.S. Marshals, Civil Rights Task Force, and more. Sovereigns who purport to represent such agencies often have identification cards, badges, and sometimes even accessories such as police raid jackets.Using these props, sovereign citizens have attempted to get past courtroom security, issue warrants and indictments, extricate themselves from encounters with police, and even to intimidate or u201cinterrogateu201d others.Additionally, sovereign citizens may request an oath of office, proof of jurisdiction, film interactions with officers, and more. Sovereign citizens can also use legitimate federal documents, such as suspicious activity reports to target law enforcement officersu2022 reputationsu2026.
What are the tax implications of investing in Lending Club?
If you have a taxable Lending Club investment account (not an IRA account) you will may receive a 1099-OID form or you may not. Why? Because Lending Club will only report interest income received on notes where the amount of interest exceeds $10. So, if you invest in a lot of $25 notes then the 1099 will not reflect your total taxable income from Lending Club.The yearly statement from Lending Club will have most of what you need. It will contain your total interest earned, income from fees, losses from charged off loans, and a total net return. It will not list service fees, which I believe can be deducted. For those you will have to go to your monthly statements.In summary, while taxes are not really a headache on Lending Club it is not a trivial answer either. But you should be able to figure out a final number of taxable interest with about an hour's work. I wrote more about p2p lending and taxes here:http://www.sociallending.net/inv...P.S. I am not an accountant so this cannot be taken as tax advice.
Do investors need to receive a K-1 if they invested through a convertible note that hasn't converted to equity yet?
First a K1 implies this is a partnership or S Corp and generally you would expect to see convertible debt investments in a C Corporation, which does not issue K1's.u00a0 Still not totally impossible to have convertible debt in a pass-through tax entity, but as long as it is debt and not equity there is no equity interest to be reported on the K1.u00a0 Be sure the debt instrument does not grant them some profit sharing interest pre-conversion.
Can minors fill out W9 forms?
Most W-9 forms do not need to be signed. So unless it relates to a financial transaction, FATCA or a u201cB noticeu201d the minor can prthe form without a signature.W-9 forms related to the following financial transactions are required to be signed.Interest accounts u2022 bank interest (1099-INT)Dividend accounts (1099-DIV)Barter exchange accounts (1099-B)Broker accounts (1099-B)Original issue discounts (1099-OID)Patronage dividends (1099-PATR)Real estate transactions (1099-S)
How can all U.S. citizens simultaneously pay for everything (bills, debts, etc.) and lower the national debt with their signatureu2026what government agency(IES) form(s) [for example: 1099-OID] do we use to pay back the Federal Reserve their money?
The collapse of global economic systems would result in a debt jubilee and the elimination of fake value or wealth.There would be no income or debt or financial instruments of any kind.The planet would revert back to the original natural real value system of nature.Today with the existence of science and technology we have the tools to maintain a real value transfer system.Value equals Nature which sustains all LifeValuenomics is my replacement for failed economics.The conversion to a real value system is actually easier than it might seem.There are many places to start and it can be done in chunks.As fake value is eliminated efficiency will rise and waste will decrease.Income inequality would not exist nor would need.The planetu2019s human population becomes interdependent and national and religious barriers dissipate.Organizations would demonetize and exist for public service.Workers would be volunteers in their areas of expertise while robots and AI would assume the manual chores as diggers, carriers, builders and gatherers.Nature optimization including restoration, distribution and repair would be the primary concern of all human beings.Agriculture would be one of the logical tools of choice.V=N=LRead my blogs and contribute your ideas.
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