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Instructions and Help about 1099 oid publication 1212

I have little time so please do not contact me about this information if you do not understand it then you should not do it please pass on a link to this website to your friends so they can take back our freedom this information was updated 724 2022 concerning traffic tickets in a few states also do not include affidavits of citizenship or underlying non citizen national they're now denying passports with such affidavits or the underlining of non citizen national at the end of this video is an example of how to stop corrupt officials with an affidavit of treason silver bullet to your rights secured by the Constitution a treatise on state citizenship diplomatic immunity this information is also posted at WWF or moon shine steals calm this treatise contains standing case law and citizenship and a two-page example on how to fill out the passport form free yourself from tyranny everyone has tried many complicated and time-consuming things to retrieve their rights that are secured by our constitutions and to stop unconstitutional traffic tickets taxes prosecutions foreclosures the private you of your second Amendment right to arms and lawsuits I will not go into all that has been tried happen and failed will be too time-consuming and most would not understand I will give a brief description of how this works when you got your social security number either you or your mom or dad checked off that you were a US citizen on the ss5 application and then you continue to claim to be a US citizen throughout your life and did so on all of the government forms and applications which calls you to pay taxes get tickets and every other act of treason that has happened to you the u.s. in this case is the federal corporation the District of Columbia also known as US DC or the United States it was created by the congressional Act of 1871 also see 28 USC 3002 15 United States means a a federal corporation you so a US citizen is a citizen of this federal corporation and not a union state or USA Republic so now it's easy to see that a US citizen is a legal fiction / US corporation and has no rights secured by the Constitution once again I want to show you a case Jones versus Timmer and it's involve a penile supplement page 1226 and you can see here where it gives you an explanation of what a federal citizen is and a lot of people may not be aware of the fact that there is a distinction between citizenships okay and right here it says the privileges and immunities Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment protects very few rights because it neither incorporates you any of the Bill of Rights nor protects all rights of individual citizens now check out the second part nor protects all rights of individual citizens instead it's provision protects only those rights peculiar to.

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