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How to complete any Form 1099-OID online:

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 1099 oid publication 1212

Instructions and Help about 1099 oid publication 1212

What's up guys it's your boy the bad wolf coming to you live from well my little office here um first i want to thank everybody out there for supporting us we are over ten thousand we are about to hit 11 000 people in a matter of days that's fire um but once again i did say that once we got over ten thousand wasn't going to be a big thing so i want to divert that energy and attention to thanking all of you guys who have something the donations who have been spreading the word it's very clear that um you guys are really enjoying your freedoms and your rights versus privileges and benefits and everything else in that topsy-turvy world so remember guys we are non-belligerent non-combatants known by the department of state as non-us nationals or non-us citizen nationals or u.s nationals everything else is not on the books legally so that is why we use that term okay if you guys see anybody else out there using any of this copyright information for negative uh reasonings harassment um you know whatever else report them okay that being said we're gonna jump off into the video let's see here um okay so with this one we're going to be talking about the 1099 oid now we already did some videos on that so i'm not going to go on that specifically but a lot of you guys have been asking me for information on you know how to a little bit more in-depth information how do they do it where can i find information well i'm glad you asked so before we jump in though don't forget to hit that bell like subscribe i would appreciate it if not at least continue to watch and tell three friends remember everything in threes all right so um this is the ten site this is what you wanna do you wanna wanna google 1099 oid publication 12. now what is that that is actually the official information packet or booklet or guide to the 1099. so if you guys want to get a little closer not too close there you go now i apologize because i do have the camera set on the same frequency um as a monitor but i think it's off a little bit so i apologize that it's for some of you guys it's going to look like it's doing its yellow blurry whatever thing apologize guys sorry i'll try to block as much scan and just read um so once you do that you can hit the first one it's going to say irs pdf and because i already have it up bang the shabanga bang all right so guy to the original inch issue discount instruments all right so um this starts off with the contents so like i said i'm not gonna go through the whole book guys because it's long boring reading and you guys would ...

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