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Is it more beneficial to report a 1099 INT vs. a 1099 OID?
This is a really vague question. The forms are different. 1099-INT is used to report interest income while the OID is used to report original issue discount.
Do I need to report values on Form 1099-B?
The Form 1099-B is provided because the broker sold some shares to pay the withholding amounts (this is called "sell-to-cover"). You do report this on Schedule D, using the information from Form 1099-B; it will be reported as a short-term capital transaction. The broker reports the sale price and basis on the 1099-B (assuming it's a covered security which it most likely is). These can be different due to small fluctuations in the price between the time the stock is purchased and the time it's sold (it's not always done simultaneously, although it's usually pretty close), but in any event you are not being taxed twice on the same gain.
How do I report to IRS my 2 1099 forms?
A2A.The income should be reported on the partnership’s Form 1065. Whether it's taxable income or not depends on whether it's effectively connected to the partnership’s conduct of a trade or business in the US.What you both should do is contact PayPal - in writing, although you can follow up with a phone call - and request that (a) PayPal issue corrected Forms 1099-K using the partnership’s tax ID number and (b) that the partnership’s tax ID Number be used on all future transactions against those accounts. It's possible that PayPal will require you to use only one of the accounts in future (because they can only have one account per TIN), and they may not be able to correct both 1099-Ks. If that's the case, you will have to document that the payments reported on the 1099-Ks were properly made to the partnership, and you should attach a copy of that document to both your 1065 and both 1040s (should you have to file one).
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