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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 1099 oid workshop

Instructions and Help about 1099 oid workshop

This creditors in commerce classroom session here and after session is the private exchange of ideas and concepts between the providers and the recipients the content is not meant as legal advice the use or attempted use of any idea or procedure discussed in this session as applied to the recipients own personal transactions cases or controversy or applied to other cases may or may not result in a favorable outcome or the same outcome is discussed in this session each transition or transaction case or controversy may be different as a result of unique actions or unique statements made by the parties therein and each different act or statement in any transaction affects or may affect whether any procedure or idea discussed in this session is relevant to your transaction or that the outcome thereof will be depicted as in this session the discussion of ideas or procedures in this session is not exhaustive of the subject being discussed many ideas and concepts that can affect the outcome of any legal or commercial procedure are not discussed in this session and the fact that you may not be aware of these issues may have an adverse effect on the outcome of your procedure it is the responsibility of each party to understand his own transactions and to apply the appropriate and complete concepts necessary for a procedural and substantive remedy there to this session may be redistributed privately by any recipient to another recipient requesting them condition upon the fact that this notice is provided there with if you have any questions you may contact Brandon by email at harmony at creditors in commerce comm or by telephone at 7:02 eight six six nine zero seven seven well I'm going to turn it over to Brandon here so if you'd like to please join me get all righty thank you for coming my name is Brandon Alexander Adams everyone on the phone can hear me yes okay okay I wanted to do this particular class we're going to do today as an introduction laying a foundation for the inner workings of commerce for those of you who are unfamiliar the entire global system of government and economics all operate in the system of Commerce we will today we won't actually go over any specific procedures today is basically just foundational so that you get an idea of how things are working once you have an idea of how things are working will actually move forward with actual procedures that we that we use as creditors we will distinguish between operating as a debtor and operating as a creditor however I'm sure none of you need any education on operating as betters seeing as you're educated by the public school systems to be debtors from the time you're very young so we won't be touching too much on debtors other than to make the distinction between how a creditor and a debtor differ in their actions within commerce so.

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