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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Turbotax 1099 oid

Instructions and Help about Turbotax 1099 oid

This is Simon from rideshare dashboard and today I'm going to be showing you how to file your taxes with TurboTax online for your income from uber and lyft and then also delivery services such as Amazon Post mates and instacart so you start off with going to turbotax.com and signing up for a free online account and then once you get in once you log into the account you're gonna be presented with these options you can choose whichever option applies to you so if you paid rent then you choose that off or if you have a w-2 but what you need the version you need is the self-employed version which allows you to enter in your business income and expenses and it will also fill out your Schedule C for you which you'll need to file with the IRS so this is the only version that you you can use and as you can see this is the one of the most expensive versions for you so this is just a simple profile of you you can get to this pretty quick so for this tax return I'm gonna be doing it for a person who is single and that don't have any of these other things such as dependents home or paid rent they ask you those questions because there's very specific areas of the tax return that applies so an TurboTax tends to ask you a whole lot of questions so I'm gonna skip all of these other types of income as well and just focus on the self-employed income especially from lyft and uber and Amazon so as you can see the last screen didn't have a choice for self-employed income is because it assumes because you're choosing the self-employed version of TurboTax that you have self-employed income so that's the reason why didn't ask so it does look kind of weird that even though this is self-employed it doesn't even show that version so I I would recommend having all the paperwork with you before you start this because it's kind of a pain to go through this whole you know this whole process and then having to go back and enter in some extra income so I would definitely wait until you get all your w-2s or 1099s before doing any of this and then also preparing your mileage records not to say that you need to submit them but so you have an accurate number to put into later to the later steps and then also having all your business business deductions or business expenses so I'm just trying to get through this as fast as possible try not to choose that many options so I'm just making sure that I'm filling out the tax return for just one state I don't have any other income from any other states wasn't affected by a hurricane and then there once in a while they'll keep asking you about whether you need.


What has your experience been like investing in peer-to-peer notes on Lending Club?
I did/am doing ok, compared to others here. I started in 2022 hand picking notes, and overall the interest rates you would realize in 2022 were higher than they are now (Apr 2014). The NAR for that money was about 10%-11% - I liked class A and B loans mostly so my returns are a bit lower than most.I also stopped investing new money in LC for 2.5 years or so, and just let the notes pay me back until I had actualized gains and then invested more in the past 6 months.These days I take the most passive (lazy), lowest risk option. I do the auto create portfolio with option 1 or 2 (1 is safest), no hand picking, and only 3 year term notes (I don't like tying it up for 5 years in higher risk stuff). And this is currently about an 8.5% NAR but might slide down to 7% in the next 3 years as the remainder of my higher interest rate loans from 3-5 years ago mature. This is comfortable for my goals/risk tolerance and I feel like overall it has been a positive experience and I feel good about the choices I made with LC. No regrets on strategy.Also if you like the conservative/low maintenance investment approach, don't put more than 20% or so of your money in LC - the rest should be in typical 401k type investments, hopefully with employer match, and hopefully offering you stock index funds/life-cycle funds (Vanguard has excellent offerings for this).
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