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Do Mongols eat vegetables?
The typical Mongol expression about vegetables is this:Meat is for men, grass is for goats.But even the most carnivore among us would agree that they like vegetables, they wouldn’t admit it though. A mongol, on average, consumes around 55kg of potatoes and 27 kg of vegetables per annum. In comparison, we eat around 81kg of meat and around 115 kg of flour per year.[1] Potato is liked by most of the people. It is now as part of culture, as is meat.The Long Reply:One of the biggest misconceptions of Mongols is that we were hundred percent nomads. We always had permanent or semi-permanent tribes who would grow vegetables together with livestock. The excavations from Hunnu era show (around 2nd-3rd century BC) that Mongols from that times did grow different types of cereals such as barley and millet. In the picture above, millet among other interesting finds was found in the burial chamber of an important Hunnu royalty.[2]During the times of Chinggis Khan, cereals , such as barley, were grown centrally and on a larger scale, to feed Mongol soldiers. In 1212, Chinggis Khan issued a decree that ordered to grow big quantities of cereals in Zavkhan province. During Kublai khan period the need for large scale farms was gone as the cereals could be brought in from China with relative ease.[3] The farming continued, albeit on a smaller scale.Modern Farming(the graph above is a timeline of cereals(black), potatoes(blue) and vegetables (green) production from 1960–2017. Y axis scale starts with 200,000tonnes, 400,000 tonnes. vegetables: cabbage, carrots, turnip, onion, garlic, cucumber, tomato, watermelon, melon, cereals: wheat, barley, oats, rye, buckwheat )In 1960, the Central Committee of the Communist Party has issued a decree where all the public cafeterias, such as, hospitals, schools, military, factory cafeterias had to prepare food that included at least 180 grams of potatoes and 150 grams of vegetables per person. For kindergartens, it was 90 grams of potatoes and 80 grams of vegetables.[4]1960 was, also, the beginning of farming on an industrial scale. During the three years, more than 2500 tractors, 550 combines, 3000 trucks were purchased/loaned from Soviet Union. Also, large scale flour mills, storage facilities were built. This large scale investment in agriculture sector was only possible with the assistance of the Soviet Union.In 2022. crop production (black line) still did not reach the 1989 level. This is because wheat and cereals can only be financially viable if they are grown on a large scale. Communism provided that. Even in the US, large scale growers can only survive by being big and receive subsidies from the government.As a result of these efforts, Mongolia in 1960 has grown almost 300,000 tonnes of cereals, primarily wheat, 18,500 tonnes of potatoes and 7,000 tonnes of vegetables.[5]Post Socialist PeriodIn 1990, my country became democratic, so all the state farms were privatized and the whole sector stopped functioning. From the graph above you can see the sudden drop, akin to stock exchange collapse. The situation has gradually improved. The potato was able to catch up only in 2022. vegetables in 2022. Wheat still has not reached the pre-1990 period. In 2022 almost 500,000 tonnes of wheat, 154,000 tonnes of potatoes, 82,000 tonnes of vegetables were produced by 63,000 farmer families .[6]Because of its tough climate, Mongolia can grow vegetables only from April-October period. This is not a big problem for vegetables that we grow the most: potato, turnips, cabbage, carrots etc. These vegetables can be stored for a long time. The same cannot be said about the fresh greens. Therefore, commercial growers have introduced different systems that can work during the whole year: heated greenhouses and hydroponics systems just for that.This greenhouse is based on the Chinese model. Highly efficient and comparatively cheap. It works all year around.This one is more advanced: hydroponic based farm. It doesn't require soil and sunlight. Advantages are the complete ability to control all the parameters for vegetable growing.So, to make the long answer short, Mongols do eat vegetables. The quantity might not be on a par with many countries that are traditionally farm based, but it is widely consumed.Footnotes[1] http://www.1212.mn/tables.aspx?t...[2] And the Soul Will Revive as the Grains of Millet[3] http://?http://agrinfo.mn/news/d...[4] http://????????????????????? ...[5] http://www.1212.mn/tables.aspx?t...[6] http://www.1212.mn/tables.aspx?t...
What does a PSTN number look like?
As highlighed with the previous answers the PSTN is the Public Switched Telephone Network and follows a Numbering plan that includes the Country Code, Area Code and the customer's number.  Before the emergence of "trunk" connections and digital rout(e)ing there was the concept of Director and Non-Director Exchanges (switches) which would route telephony traffic to exchanges in a town or city.  Notation that was used was a combination of alphabets and numbers.  As an example to get to Whitehall (WHI) 1212 you would  dial WHI (Whitehall) and the number 1212.  As the population expanded this solution was complex and did not scalewell.  Long term this led to a digital signalling system (ISDN, etc..).As Standard Trunk Dialling started to spread with automated Switching there was a need to have an All Figure Number (AFN) approach.  If I look at London (UK) the Exchange Name was replaced by a Number.    Therefore, to dial a customer in Whitehall (London) you would dial 01 930 1212.    01 reflected London (UK), 930 is the code for Whitehall and 1212 is the end user's number. 
Have you ever cried while watching a cricket match? If yes, what brought tears to your eyes?
Yes I did....I felt my eyes go moist a few times ,I Cried I wept really had those heart wrenching moments.Cricket has got everything love, joy, happiness,tears, laughter        sorrow. Cricket..!! Oh What a feelingI'm choosing the starting point I think the best defines this question that is when started watching cricket where my definition of cricket was Sachin Tendulkar after the desert strom at sharjah.TEARS OF SADNES    1.World cup '99At sharjah'98, Tendulkar took batsmanship to a different level bold,aggressive big board bat coming up like a Tsunami like a wall hitting Australian bowlers for fun. From then there was a tingling of excitement whenever he walks out to bat his batting was defined by his feeling,what this man is going to do,who he is going to take apart?such was the expectation of the millions while watching him play.At the start of 99'world cup, Tendulkar was embarking on the most glorious phase of his batsmanship he had the world at his feet. After losing to South Africa in the first game, India had to face Zimbabwe in the next game,then the terrible news came that Tendulkar lost his father he flew back to India. India lost the match without Tendulkar ,I still remember at the age of 7, I was crying out to my father when i saw the team sheet and Tendulkar was missing.He gave me a sleepless night that day bcoz of this I was devastated after seeing Javagal Srinath bowled by Henry Olango I felt my eyes go moist.Then Sachin's family sent him back saying " Your only solace will come from a cricket bat and a cricket ball "Then next day he was in England to face Kenya , I still remember that evening he was wearing dark glasses covering half his face when he took out his glasses eyes were red that was different Tendulkar,I felt like I got matured early to see him like that.The next day he scored world cup hundred against Kenya,you might say it's only kenya,it was just the most emotional 100 I've ever seen.                                                                                  Look when puts up his bat for the first time looking up there to the skies if you know the background your eyes will go moisture as he or I does,and that pat on the back by Dravid made it even more emotional   .                                                  and then this happened in the semi final that helpness,dishearted look of kluesnar.Even in the recent IND vs AUS  ODI series,when India needed just 6 runs of 5 balls with centurion Manish Pandey on strike,In the commentary box Dean Jones remarked about this epic match saying "India can only lose it from here if someone does a Allan Donald" such a disappointing moment for the saffers. 2.world cup 2003In that World cup, he played a breathtaking innings against Pakistan and that upper cut six off Soahib Akhtar was the hallmark of Tendulkar.Then in the finals,After Australia scored 359 for 2, so you to make 360 i.e 7.2 an over that too against Mcgarth,Lee,Gillespie and Bichel doesn't matter whoever,final of the wc,How do you win? Typical Indians would have been like" Easiest thing in the world for India will be to say " okay Guys,we gave it a good shot,we got into finals Let's get happy because we can't score 360 ". Appartly in the team meeting Sachin said, ' can we score a boundary of every over? If you hit 1 boundary per over,you made 200 runs off 50balls,what's the target down to 160 off 250 balls.He said ,'can we? Let's go ,try and win this world cup. And sadly we all know happened next :(I felt really sad seeing Sachin with his Man of the Tour Trophy.He couldn't even fake a smile posing for a photograph, such was his desire to win the world cup      3. World cup 2007This was at the slightly at the low phase of the Tendulkar career,getting knocked out of the world cup in the early stages was the lowest point in his career. It was all over when Tendulkar got bowled to Dilara Fernado against Sri Lanka after the humiliating defeat to Bangladesh in the first game.Just Can't see this Gentleman Shedding his tears :(TEARS OF JOY  1. T20 World cup 2007T20 Cricket is all about entertainment,excitement and shear joy. I was overjoyed when Uthappa,my favourite cricketer scored his 50 against Pakistan and what a trilling end to that match and Uthappa did thisAnd this moment will remain enshrined forever after beating Pakistan in finals.Happy young Indians waving the tri colour flag on their victory lap,Suddenly India discovered the power of 20 over cricket. #happy tears 2. World cup 2011The night when world cup home happy tears were rolling all over the country that is meant to be sachin's worldcup looked like all the player for the trophy to give to the talisman who carried all the burdens for these many years.When Dhoni scored those winning runs I was not able to control my happy tears rolling out after seeing sachin running across the boundary rope like a little kid  for getting a chocolate.This shows how much this little elusive WC medal means to himThe great man himself says "I did cry when I went out in the middle... I did cry. This was the only time I had happy tears... because that moment was just a priceless moment. That moment was something that you can only dream off." Remember Sachin was a ball boy during the 87' WC finals at wankade now he is a champion..That's what we call achievement.          And this emotional statement from Kohli leading the Tendulkar tribute                          "This goes out to all the people of India. This is my first World Cup; I can't ask for more. Tendulkar has carried the burden of nation for 21 years; It was time we carried him. Chak de India!TEARS OF PAIN,BEAUTY OF TEST CRICKET  1. England vs sri Lanka Tests 2022 Headingley, LeedsThis test match happened when I was facing my hardest phase of my academic career where I was facing mental demons,It's really painful when you work so hard giving your everything and get nothing in return.I know how it feels to be an Anderson there.In that test match Anderson got out of the penultimate ball of the test match after fighting 19th overs for the last wicket. Sri Lankans went crazy ,Anderson was distraught so does his partner Moen Ali who scored a beautiful century.I felt really sad after seeing Anderson Crying in the post match presentation       2. Ashes 2022. England vs AustraliaEDGBASTON Test always holds a special place in my heart bcoz of this famous FLINTOFF-LEE moment.Australia needed 279,on the 4th day,ENGLAND needed only 2 wickets and Australia needed more than 100 runs.Australia were on an improbable win,with only two runs needed after all the hard from LEE and WARNE.But last man KASPROWIC had lapse of concentration and edged HARMISON's delivery to the keeper.ENGLAND had WON.LEE, who had slogged hard for almost an hour and a half, was left inconsolable in the middle,Rather than engaging in the victory celebrations,the immediate reaction of FLINTOFF to the winning dismissal was to console the despondent LEE while chaotic scenes of celebration swirled around him.This famous photograph is still considered as the greatest displays of the feelings of the Test and the series • the joy of victory, pain of defeat, and spirit of sportsmanship, that was so tangible in that incredible test.  SAD ENDINGS :(1. The Last time when Dravid came out to bat he got bowled to a perfect yorker and after follows this brilliant piece of commentary by Harsha Bhogle made it emotional.“In a career that is marked by grace, style and beautiful batsmanship, it’s a slog that’s ended Rahul Dravid's career. But once again, it was what was needed.”Rahul Dravid's career ended just like that2. Sachin's last day which made cricket fans cry all around the worldWhen I look back all the years I covered cricket these moments made me emotional especially the magnificence of Sachin Tendulkar.Through out his career this great man has given immense joy,happiness,tears,share of heartbreaks when he gets out early,and entertained us with beautiful batsmanship.This man has made cricket,the longest running soap opera. Let it run forever..!!Thank You Sachin Chake de IndiaJai HindImage source : Google                          
Where can I find a clean, public restroom in Santa Cruz, CA?
I have IBS and I live in Santa Cruz.Best restrooms: Hotel Lobbies, most on north Ocean St (Paradox, Holiday Inn Express) Walk in with phone to ear like you belong there, walk to bathroom that is never used and clean, then leave. Emergency: Cost Plus (Riverstreet) (Best)Dennys, 1515 Ocean St (Not bad)Parking Garage next to Oswald Restaurant, 105 Soquel Drive, (super gross) Locus St Parking Garage, 120 Locust St, (Even worse)Taqueria Vallarta, 1101 Pacific Ave (Password 1212, lots of homeless know password)
What is a restricted number?
I know 'restricted number' as the UK term for a confidential, unpublished or private number.That is, this is a number which is not given out to the general public. If you call directory services/information/enquiries 411/192/100/018/013/555-1212 or whatever, they will might tell you this, depending on local rules and practices.If you refer to a message on a caller ID display, then the number has been withheld by the person who placed the call, and this can be done on a permanent or per-call basis.
Traffic Tickets: What is the fine and punishment  for reckless driving in new york?
According to the New York Vehicle and Traffic Laws, reckless driving is a misdemeanor:§ 1212. Reckless driving. Reckless driving shall mean driving or using any motor vehicle, motorcycle or any other vehicle propelled by any power other than muscular power or any appliance or accessory thereof in a manner which unreasonably interferes with the free and proper use of the public highway, or unreasonably endangers users of the public highway. Reckless driving is prohibited. Every person violating this provision shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.A quick search on sentencing brought up this info from a law firm website[1]; I can't speak to its accuracy, but it makes sense based on what I know of other states' reckless driving statutes:Reckless driving cases are fairly rare in New York. The offense is covered by §1212 of the Vehicle and Traffic Law, and is a misdemeanor. While jail time is possible (and we have seen it), it is rare. Fines are substantial, typically amounting to $300 or more.A reckless driving conviction also adds 5 points to your NY driving record, plus 5-8 negative units which make it harder to get your license back if you get revoked. We usually see reckless driving charges where the defendant was also charged with a speeding ticket at a high speed. Combining an 11-point speed with reckless driving adds up to 16 points, which makes suspension likely, and you may get revoked. Also, the speeding fine can be up to $685 and the 16 points would lead to a DMV assessment of over $1000, making the total of fines and surcharges over $2000. To top that off, your insurance rates will probably increase dramatically.Reckless driving trials are rare and we mostly encourage our clients to work with us to get negotiated reductions through plea bargaining. In some cases a trial may be appropriate, such as cases involving accidents.Note: The reference to the law firm found below should not be considered an endorsement of their services; they're just a Google result that provided what looked to be a decent summary.[1] http://www.redlichlaw.com/traffi...
Why is the Libertarian Party “unelectable”?
Because the mascot for the Libertarian Party should not be a lion; it should be a barn full of feral, rabid, screeching cats.The Libertarian Party coalition includes folks ranging from Rand “I should be able to deny service to black people” Paul to “sovereign citizens” who believe that if a flag in court has fringes on it that the judge has to issue a bond against the legal corporation of their personhood and the UCC gives them the right to gold bullion in Fort Knox.Libertarian philosophy works great on paper, so long as you don’t attempt to actually scale it up to anything larger than a small town or for beyond the length of an extended weekend.You know what the sequel to Atlas Shrugged would be? A bunch of people sitting around trying to figure out how to build basic infrastructure and who would pay for it and then pointedly not calling the collection from everyone who would have to inevitably get public access “taxes.”Also, the huge gap opened up by a sudden lack of large competitors would be an absolute boon to the entrepreneurial class. You thought all of the creative folks were the titans of industry who followed Galt out to the gulch? Heh, heh• that’s cute.Libertarianism might work• if everyone involved were independently wealthy enough to afford private fire, police, and EMS, private infrastructure including electrical generation, water treatment, roads, communication networks, and other basic necessities of producing anything and taking it to a market, and other basic services our society relies on.Otherwise, enjoy navigating this Libertarian-inspired intersection:All right, all right, enough picking on the nut-job contingent of the Libertarian Party and moving on to the rational people who run for office.There’s• um• no, wait, I’ll think of one• just• ah….Sorry, sorry, I’ll stop with the jokes. Really.Why can’t Libertarian Party candidates get elected, for realsies?Third party candidates pretty much always have difficulty in the US electoral system. It’s a geographically-represented winner-take-all system where a person can win with a plurality of the votes and not an open majority. That inherently tends to only remain stable with a two-party system based on loose coalitions. That’s why Libertarians have really been trying to just become the dominant contingent of the more established Republican Party for a while.It’s difficult to get media coverage outside the two major parties. Because of problem number one, the major networks generally don’t give a lot of attention to third party candidates. Some elections are exceptions, such as in Ross Perot’s candidacy in 1992 or Gary Johnson in 2022. but these candidates still received a fraction of the attention of the candidates from the major parties. Because it’s difficult to get media attention, it’s difficult to get a party message in front of mainstream voters.The philosophy of the Libertarian Party does not fit the current major political divide in the United States. Some aspects of Libertarianism are highly conservative: the laissez faire economics, the lack of regulation on industry, the self-sufficiency and mythos of the self-made man, reduced taxes, etc. Other parts are highly liberal: legalizing drugs, civil liberty, freedom of speech and conscience, etc. One might think that this would make it appealing to centrists who are displeased with partisan politics, but frankly, it’s just the opposite. Rather than a compromise, it’s a mish-mash that satisfies neither.People just aren’t willing to give up most basic government-provided services and rule of law. Libertarianism means no:Medicare/MedicaidSocial Security - hope gramma likes cat food…Unemployment insurance or disability insurancePublic snow removal - everyone hates socialism until the flakes start flyingRegulation of the EM spectrum, leading to constant competing radio signals, leading to no cell phones, television, talk-radio stations, etc.Public fire, police, or EMS - you’d only get your burning house attended to if you paid your monthly fire bill to the local fire corporationPublic roads - everywhere you drive would probably be some sort of toll roadRegulation of who gets to drive on those roads and how - have fun navigating around the 98 year old blue-haired gramma going 15mph whilst also dodging the kid in a rally car doing 115 on the aforementioned toll road every day on your way to workLicensing of professionals - can’t sue for medical malpractice if there are no standards of care!FDA - remember when folks put radium in their medicine and cut bootleg alcohol with kerosene?Public schools - I mean, who really needs a literacy rate above 10% or to count higher than twenty with their shoes off?There’s probably more, but I’m running out of gallows humor about it all.Libertarians are generally unelectable because if they did what they said, it would be a disaster in practice. The logical ends of the Libertarian platform are unworkable and unsustainable.The last time it was tried in this country, it was so ugly that it gave rise to the immensely popular at the time Progressive Movement. All the folks who complain to me about “statism” and whine about the federal government having too much power ought to realize there’s a reason we went there. An unregulated free-for-all was not a good thing.A party whose platform essentially boils down to “the 1890s was so awesome we ought to return to it!” is pretty much always going to go down in flames.Standard Disclaimer: Every time I write about this kind of stuff, the sovereign citizens, flat earthers, moon hoaxers, and every other loon, crackpot, and tin-foil-hat-wearing nut case shows up to tell me about how taxation is theft and read some Ayn Rand and it’ll all make sense. Just don’t.I welcome rational, reasoned debate on the merits with reliable, credible sources. You don’t have to agree with me or with each other.But coming on here and calling me names, pissing and moaning about how biased I am, adding nothing valuable to the conversation, etcetera and so forth, will result in a swift one-way frogmarch out the airlock. The same if you do it to others.If I delete you but don’t airlock you, take the hint. Everyone can get a little testy about things and cross the line from time to time. If you’re called on it, knock it off.Apologies can fix a lot of hostility. If you’re not sure how to do that, post a picture of a cute furry baby animal instead and walk away.Essentially, act like an adult and don’t be a dick about it.If you have to consider whether or not you’re over the line, the answer is most likely yes.Debate responsibly.
Are there things you can't write about in novels?
Look up Vladimir Nabokov's novel "Lolita". It's a story about a pedophile from the pedophile's point of view. It's a great novel and probably one of the best books written in English ever.That being said, it's also widely controversial and divisive, and was even more so when it came out.The real question is, as always, whether you can write something good enough that people care enough to buy it. That includes basics like proper spelling, proper grammar and a reasonably good sense of structure. For 99% of prospective authors out there, worrying about being banned is absolutely nonsense, because you need to be published before anyone cares anyway.
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