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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Publication 950

Instructions and Help about Publication 950

Yo yo yo CPA strength here back with another video it's gonna be a very helpful video tax returns IRS starts accepting tax returns tomorrow January 29th for the 2022 tax regen uary 29 to 2022 for the 2022 tax return season I was just looking at the publication seventeen you're like what is the publication seventeen I'm going to show you we're on the IRS website right now we're at the horse's mouth IRS gov I if you're watching this video that means you have access to the Internet and I would say go to the IRS gov go to the IRS website this is where I get my information to file my tax returns how when why all that stuff this is who I listen to I don't listen to really I mean I listen to other people's opinions but this is this is this is how you file a tax return or anything happens they would say why did you do the CPA strength I'd say I did it because I looked at the ire I looked at your website main and I would cite something off their website and say and I figure that's be a good place to start anyways this was getting me to think I was looking at the website this morning look there's things to fight you hit this file pay get a refund credits and deductions forms and instructions so I would look at all this but I was thinking forms and instructions there's a thing called a publication seventeen that I know front back that I used to look at H&R Block every single day and it really helped my knowledge out so it's like they keep it a secret and I work for the volunteer vitae program tax season 2022 Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program and I really I think I heard about the publication seventeen but I really why it was so popular fast-forward to the 2022 tax tax season when I was working at H&R Block this was five years ago about five years ago exactly and well before that when I was taking the class well let's take the H&R Block class great class by the way probably best class I've maybe ever taken my teacher Walt what a great teacher he said that well we got to get a publication seventeen you got to get the poker seventeen I'm like what is this publication seventeen so yeah I don't know how you would know unless you're watching my videos to get information on how to be a better to know more about your tax situation because being informed have a knowledge is key like once you know this they can't take this away from you I'm telling you the pub 17 any text preparer if you want to start talking attacks is with somebody and you're like yeah I look at the pub 17 and they're like what's the pub 17 you're like you.


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