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What does the H in H[math]_2[/math]O mean?
H is the symbol for the Hydrogen atom. All the matter that we have knowledge of consists of atoms or elements, once upon a time considered the smallest particle into which matter can be broken down. Scientists tell us that other sub-atomic particles exist, but this is a problem best left for the moment to scientists. There are more than 100 different atoms and they are found on earth and in the celestial bodies such as the moon, the planets, the stars. Chemists have discovered that certain elements have properties similar to those of other elements, and have therefore organized all the elements in the “Periodic Table of the Elements”. The russian chemist Mendelejev contributed notably to this remarkable achievement. Atoms combine with other atoms to form molecules, and in this specific case Hydrogen combines with Oxygen, another atom, in a ratio of 2 Hydrogen atoms and 1 Oxygen atom to produce water, perhaps the most abundant molecule in our planet (ocean, seas, rivers, clouds, underground deposits, etc…). Because of this 2:1 ratio of atoms in the water molecule chemists represent the water molecule with the notation H2O. Molecules are very important, we ourselves we are made of different kind of molecules. A good introduction to the composition and structure of matter can be found in this book: CHEMICAL BUILDING BLOCKS in the series “Science Explorer” published by Prentice Hall and in other introductory books on science. We have all started from level zero, so have courage and start studying.
Is hydrogen [math]H[/math] or [math]H_2[/math]?
H is the symbol of the element hydrogen , and denotes a single atom also called monoatomic hydrogen which are extremely rare as its atomic number is 1 ,highly unstable.So Instead, hydrogen tends to combine with other atoms in compounds, or with itself to form ordinary (diatomic) hydrogen gas, H2 .so in simple language H is hydrogen atom and.H2 is atomic hydrogen.talking about bond,H2 is Molecular hydrogen. It is a molecule of hydrogen that consists of two hydrogen atoms bonded together by one single bond (also known as a sigma bond). A subscript also denotes how many of a particular atom is in a molecule, thus H2 has two hydrogen.2H, on the other hand, denotes two moles of elemental hydrogen. It should be noted that elemental hydrogen is not bonded to anything.Hope this helps. :)
What is the next letter in the sequence B, A, D, C, F, E, H?
I have not answer at all for you dear but something new that I want to be teach you that ,this is any thing you tried to do you have understood first .Therefore , I want teach you Series Alphabet Reasoning: Concepts & Tricks1. THE ALPHABET: The English alphabet contains 26 letters, as given below:A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y ZFrom A to M, the alphabet completes the first 13 letters that is the first half, while the second half starts from 14th letter that is it starts from N and ends at Z.(First Alphabetical Half) A to M? 1 to 13(Second Alphabetical Half) N to Z? 14 to 262. Concept of EJOTY: The positions of alphabets can be remembered with the help of this simple concept, you can easily find out the position of any letter without much effort. But it is advisable that you learn the positions of different letters in the alphabet.For example, we are asked to find the 24th letter from the left side of the alphabet. We already know that the 25th letter from the left-hand side is Y, now we need to find letter before Y and that is X. By using this simple method, we can easily find out the position of any letter in the alphabet. Memorizing the positions & sequence of letters is a basic to solve any questions of this type, so you should try to memorize these positions. For this particular reason, you should practice EJOTY. Write down the names of ten of your friends & do as given below:Let us take an example of name RAVI. With the help of EJOTY, we know that the letter R stands for number 18, A stand for 1, V stands for 22, I stands for 9. Adding all these numbers, we get (18+1+22+9). This is a very good way to remember the positions of all the letters in the alphabet.3. Positions of letters from Right Hand Side (RHS): Many a times we get questions in the tests that ask us the position of a letter from the right hand side. Although we are in a habit of counting from the left side of the alphabet & not from the right hand side of the alphabet. We are discussing this by taking an example and then we will make a mathematical formula.Suppose there is a row of 8 persons in which a person is standing 5th from left. Let's find out his/her position from the right side.You can see that the person who was standing fifth from the left hand side is placed fourth from the right side. Suppose there are ‘n• persons, the order can be horizontal (from left to right) or vertical (from top to bottom) and if the position of a person is given which is rth from left then his position from right will be (n+1-r). Likewise this concept can also be used if their sitting order is vertical. Sum of positions from left and from right will always be (n+1). As given in the above mentioned example there are 8 persons, position of 5th person from left will be 4th (8+1-5)from right. Sum of both the positions is (4 + 5) = 9. If we are dealing with letters & we are given the position of any letter from either side, we need to add 1 more to the total number of letters & then subtract the position from left side to get its position from the right side.For instance, let us find the position from right side of a letter, which is the 10th from left side.As you can see, the 10th letter from the left hand side of the alphabet is J, which is 17th letter (26+1-10) from the right hand side of the alphabet. We did this operation by adding 1 to the total number of letters (26 + 1 = 27) and then subtracting 10 from it. This same logic is to be applied if we have given an initial right position and we need to find the position from the left side, or we have given initial position from top and we have to calculate position from bottom and vice-versa4. Finding the central symbol/letter/digit: Many a times the question asks the middle letter/digit in the sequence given e.g. find the middle letter between the 12th letter and the 20th letter from the left hand side of the alphabet.You can see that there are 7 letters between these 2 positions i.e. M, N, O, P, Q, R and S. We know that the midpoint of 7 items is the 4th item from either of the sides, whether counted from the right hand side of the alphabet or the left hand side of the alphabet. It comes out to be P, which is the correct answer in this particular case. But so much effort is not needed in solving such questions. In these type of questions, if the two different positions are given from the same side (i.e. either both are from the left hand side of the alphabet or both are from the right hand side of the alphabet), we can simply add up the 2 different positions from the same side, get their simple average and thus, the correct answer. In this particular case, the two positions are 12 and 20 from the left hand side of the alphabet. Adding and then averaging them, we get 16. Recollecting the EJOTY formula that we discussed earlier, we come up with the letter which is 16th from left side (after O) is P. The same process can be applied if we are given a case in which both the positions are counted from the right hand side of the alphabet. Remember, the answer we get will be from the same from both sides. Let’s make this clearer by discussing an illustration.Consider a scenario in which we have to find the mid-point between the 11th and the 17th letter from the right hand side of the alphabet. Adding the two positions, we get total as 28. The average of these two numbers is therefore 14. So, the mid-point is 14th from the right hand side of the alphabet (the same as the sides given in the question). Now we will convert this position into a position from the left hand side of the alphabet. Applying the logic which we had applied earlier, we will subtract 14 from 27 and get the answer- 13th from the left hand side of the alphabet, which is M. You can verify this answer by looking up the above alphabet.5. Fill in the blank SeriesThese types of series consist of small letters which follow a specific pattern or series. Some spaces are left blank in between the series given. We have to fill in the blanks from given options to make a pattern. This can be clearly explained by this illustration:Illustration: pq_ _ qpp_ _ pq _1. ppppp2. ppqpp3. ppqpq4. qppqqSol: In order to solve these kinds of series, we should fill the given blanks by taking each option one by one & see where it forms a logical pattern. When you try to fill the first option, it becomes pqppqpppppqp. It does not result into any particular logical pattern. If you fill the second option you get pqp/pqp/pqp/pqp. It has been separated by the symbol “/” for your better understanding. Now, this becomes a pattern of writing pqp again & continously. So, the second option becomes the correct answer to this given question.I hope it is helpful for you all.Thanks for reading .It's your treatmenVaibhav
Is it worth doing an MS in the US after the recent developments in the H-1B visa?
I recently graduated with ME in mechanical engineering from a top school (UIUC, ranked 5th on US News). My prior degrees are from top Indian schools. I am finding it extremely difficult to find a job here. I don’t have work experience, which is a severe disadvantage. People who had work experience are either still looking, or had great difficulty finding a job.Most jobs are not for international students. The few jobs that are, have a lot of competition, as the pool of international students graduating each year is much larger than the available jobs. Employers are wary of hiring international students, owing to the anticipated changes in policy. But whatever Trump wants to implement, it would take atleast 2–3 years for the same, as approvals at different levels are required.Other thing is, an international student might not get the H1B owing to a lottery system, (this has nothing to do with Trump’s policies), there are more than 200,000 applications for 85,000 work visas, and the number of applications will only increase in the future. Hence for a company, there is the risk of losing out on the investment they make in the candidate to hire and train him. So they tend to hire a international student only if he is exceptional, or a really good fit. No team manager wants the majority of his team to be on F1 OPT, as the team members might not get the H1B.You apply to like 300 jobs and you would get just 5 replies. Networking is very much needed to find a job, and one should start networking with employers as soon as possible. Also, at the masters level, companies look for specific skills, and expect you to have those skills, rather than train you. Hence, even if you have high potential to excel and academic knowledge, not knowing tools (specific softwares, work experience in particular projects) will put you at a severe disadvantage. There are a lot of small companies that hire international students but don’t go to career fairs all over the country, they only go to hiring events in their office’s close vicinity. So it is advisable that the degree be pursued in an area where there is a good market for a student’s specific interest.If you have no work experience, are not getting any funding from the university, and coming here on a loan, then I would say that its a huge gamble. I would strongly suggest to have 2–4 years of relevant work experience before coming to US. This can be done be working at a job that you are interested in even if the pay is low, or working as a research assistant at any of the top engineering colleges.If you are in CS or IT related fields, then the situation is totally different. You will easily get a job, even if you have a below average academic profile and little or no work experience. I see a lot of people going for a second master’s degree in Computer Science, so that they can get a job.(I answered the question much more broadly, did not just address Trump’s policies on H1B)(People applying for MS may feel free to reach out to me with follow up questions or to seek general advice)(By answering this question, all I am trying to do is inform people so that they can make a wise decision. I am not implying that there is something great about coming to US, and working and studying here, nor am I encouraging people to come to US. There are opportunities in every part of the world.);"";""
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